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Pre-Departure Testing in Leeds

Get tested

Pre-Departure Testing in Leeds


Jet off with Pre-Departure Testing in Leeds

Whether you’re going away on business, or visiting your family abroad, you will need Pre-departure Testing in Leeds before you fly.

Covid has had a huge impact on the travel industry over the past year, as millions of people were forced to cancel their travel plans globally. However, things are looking brighter, as travel is being reintroduced. Airlines and countries now have more control over the spread of the virus; this can be attributed to Pre-departure tests such as this one.

It is now obligatory to have a Covid test before you travel to England from overseas. We’ve partnered with Medicspot to offer you the certification you need. Their Pre-departure testing package in Leeds will ensure that you don’t get caught out at the airport.


What are the Government testing requirements for Pre-Departure Testing in Leeds?

Government guidelines state that if you are travelling into England, you must provide proof of a negative Covid test. This must be done in the 48-72 hours before you travel. You are required to take the test, even if you have already had your vaccine; all UK citizens must also take the test.


Your test result must specify the following details:


– Your name, which is required to match the name on your travel documentation

– The test result

– The date your sample was collected or received

– The name and contact details of your test provider

– Confirmation of the type of test that was done


If you arrive with a test result that does not contain this information, you may incur a fine of £500.  That’s why Medicspot are offering Pre-departure testing, so that you can take the stress out of travelling. Moreover, you must both isolate and partake in two tests following your return to England. This is mandatory, even if you have entered the country with a negative result.


Further details regarding Medicspot’s day 2 and 8  Travel Test Packages can be found here.


pre-departure testing in leeds


Why do I need proof of my result?

Your test result can be proven at the airport, as either a printed document or an email or text on your phone. If you do not present proof of your result, you may be refused for boarding. Moreover, if you arrive in England without proof of a negative result, you may incur a fine of £500.

You should make sure that you will be able to get a test along your journey. If you are changing flights or staggering your journey, you should get tested within 3 days of your final departure date where possible. For example, if you are driving from Germany, and stop off for a few days in Belgium, you should get tested in Belgium.

If you planned to take a test on your journey, but were not able to enter the country where you planned to get tested, you will be allowed to board. This can occur in cases where the country you are travelling from has entry restrictions in place. A comprehensive list of current entry restrictions can be found on the Government website.

However, a fine may still be issued upon your arrival to England without proof of a negative result.


What if my test comes back positive?

If your test comes back positive, you must refrain from travelling. You should instead follow the appropriate Government guidance with regards to self-isolating for the country you are in.


Your Pre-Departure Testing in Leeds

If you take your test in the UK, in anticipation of a return journey of less than 3 days, you are required to use a private test provider; you are unable to use an NHS test. This is why Medicspot is providing effective Pre-departure testing, so that you don’t get hit with fines when you land.


Upon purchasing your test, your Pre-departure testing journey will be as follows:


1. Order your Rapid Antigen Test (suitable for returning to the UK, as well as outbound Fit to Fly for certain countries)

2. Your test will be delivered the very next day, if ordered by 2pm Monday-Friday. Otherwise, it will arrive the following day.

3. Book a time to perform your swab, under guided supervision from one of our healthcare assistants.

4. Register your kit online, prepare for your online appointment, and then join the appointment to carry out your test.

5. Wait 15 minutes for your test result to appear, photograph your results, and then receive your Fit to Fly certificate via email.


This site is an affiliate for Medicspot; we are helping people travel safely and quickly every day. Don’t get caught out – register for your Pre-departure testing today!

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